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If they’re going through a really challenging time, you’ll probably be the last to know.

But don’t take that personally, since no one else they’re close with will know either.

That whole thing about how you shouldn’t cross them is pretty true.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t hurt anyone ever if you can help it, but Scorpios in particular are pretty vengeful people.

Like, they’ll take time off of work and plot that shit out like a movie villain.

It’s Truth Drop – confessions of your past to help you get it off your chest.Have you ever done something in the past that you still feel terrible about to this day? You can call us and fess up to whatever it was, as small as telling a lie about someone in Elementary school all the way up to stealing something from a family member or friend, whatever.

বহুবলধারিণীং নমামি তরিণীং রিপুদলবারিণীং মাতরম্৷ তুমি বিদ্যা তুমি ধর্ম্ম তুমি হৃদি তুমি মর্ম্ম ত্বং হি প্রাণাঃ শরীরে৷ বাহুতে তুমি মা শক্তি, হৃদয়ে তুমি মা ভক্তি, তোমারই প্রতিমা গড়ি মন্দিরে মন্দিরে৷ ত্বং হি দুর্গা দশপ্রহরণধারিণী কমলা কমল-দলবিহারিণী বাণী বিদ্যাদায়িণী নমামি ত্বাং নমামি কমলাম্ অমলাং অতুলাম্, সুজলাং সুফলাং মাতরম্ বন্দে মাতরম্ শ্যামলাং সরলাং সুস্মিতাং ভূষিতাম্ ধরণীং ভরণীম্ মাতরম্৷-कोटि-कण्ठ-कल-कल-निनाद-कराले द्विसप्त-कोटि-भुजैर्धृत-खरकरवाले, अबला केन मा एत बले। बहुबलधारिणीं नमामि तारिणीं रिपुदलवारिणीं मातरम्।। २।। वन्दे मातरम्। तुमि विद्या, तुमि धर्म तुमि हृदि, तुमि मर्म त्वम् हि प्राणा: शरीरे बाहुते तुमि मा शक्ति, हृदये तुमि मा भक्ति, तोमारई प्रतिमा गडि मन्दिरे-मन्दिरे। त्वम् हि दुर्गा दशप्रहरणधारिणी कमला कमलदलविहारिणी वाणी विद्यादायिनी, नमामि त्वाम् नमामि कमलाम् अमलां अतुलाम् सुजलां सुफलाम् मातरम्।। ४।। वन्दे मातरम्। श्यामलाम् सरलाम् सुस्मिताम् भूषिताम् धरणीं भरणीं मातरम्।। ५।। वन्दे मातरम्।। Mother, I bow to thee!… continue reading »

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Da Christina kein Arabisch und Abu Sin nur wenig Englisch spricht, unterhielten sie sich fr gewhnlich mit Hnden und Fssen.… continue reading »

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Cirque du Soleil's acrobats can always be counted on for a great show.… continue reading »

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact Jacquie for details.… continue reading »

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I tried for the first time today to use the ml_ipod plug in with the new winamp and as I was reading, I found that winamp comes with its own plug in to do so now (and that this is the reason that the old plug in no longer works). The winamp client that winamp comes with now said it was updating my i Pod so I left it alone for a while to let it run and when I came back it said I had 0mb on my i Pod and not even i Tunes could read the data on the i Pod.… continue reading »

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The prospective of a close relationship presents another kind of threat: the potential loss of individuality, autonomy and personal space.… continue reading »

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