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17-Jan-2015 14:16

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And she’s very particular about what makes a lesbian film It can’t just be something with only a few minutes of a lesbian character—the film must primarily be about lesbians to qualify for her list.

Jacqueline is a 43-year-old Black British lesbian who lives in London. She works as a supervisor in event security, but her true passion is lesbian films and books.

If they were then my list would be no different to anyone out there. What gives me the right to label a film lesbian and one not?

By “lesbian interest” I mean films like which is a brilliant film– love it to bits–but it only has one lesbian character. I am not an expert and the list is my list a list of what I think are lesbian films.

It’s like having sex in your head without being touched. I can use my imagination to continue the story in my head. I also felt represented as a black lesbian who does not want to conform to been typical stud or butch or just listening to “black music.” I like rock pop metal soul and Pariah the film told a story that I did relate to. I also like a good storyline something, different like the short film I just brought it but it’s one film that pisses me off. I sometime feel that someone is cashing in the lesbian market I hate these three films: I relocate my photos from different lesbian Facebook pages plus I do a lot a lot of research myself and spend hours downloading images.

Put all her scene together and it amounts to under 10 minutes. Films like they are “lesbian interest” not lesbian films. I was annoyed that the lesbian media doesn’t represent lesbian films but represents lesbian interest films or the old films like . We live in an age where we can communicate across the world within a second and it’s brilliant, so lets pool together and join resources.

I have put up over 300 titles with another 200 more to follow.

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