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A ∙B∙C ∙D ∙E ∙F ∙G ∙H∙ I∙ J∙ K∙ L ∙M∙ N∙ O∙ P∙ Q∙ R∙ S∙ T∙ U∙ V∙ W∙ X∙ Y∙ ZA Absolute Modern Standard: The 14C activity of the Modern Standard as it was in 1950.

Since the oxalic acid standard used in 14C measurements is itself decaying, in order to represent the absolute 14C activity in a material, as distinct from the ratio of the activity to the standard, the decay of the standard must be taken into account.

Eg the hydrogen nucleus consists of a single proton, so hydrogen has atomic number 1, the carbon nucleus has 6 protons and carbon has atomic number 6.

AMS: Abbreviation of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, the technique by which a particle accelerator, usually a tandem, is configured as a mass spectrometer to separate the carbon isotopes in a sample, allowing milligram size samples to be dated.AMU: Abbreviation of Atomic Mass Unit, a convenient way for representing the masses of atoms.top B Becquerel: SI unit of radioactivity, defined as one disintegration per second. Bomb Carbon (Bomb Spike): This expression refers to the significant quantity of 14C that was injected into the atmosphere by nuclear weapons testing between 1945 and the mid 1970s.The increased activity reached its peak around 1963; atmospheric 14C reached twice the normal level in the Northern Hemisphere and increased by about 60% in the Southern Hemisphere. Calibration: The process of converting a conventional radiocarbon age to a "true" or calendar age.

The amu is defined by the mass of a neutral 12C atom, which weighs exactly 12 amu.

On this scale the proton has a mass of 1.0073 amu and the neutron a mass of 1.0087 amu. Atomic Number: The number of protons in an atomic nucleus.

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