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You may change the email address on your account at anytime, if that email address is not already in use, but you may never combine accounts.Enroll in our generous Rewards Program so we can lavish you with samples, exclusives, discounts, free products, and more.You deserve to be pampered more often, and when you take care of yourself, you can take better care of everyone else in your life.Perks is for anyone who buys, sells, or refers anyone to Perfectly Posh. Anyone who creates an account is eligible and will begin earning Perks. Completing your profile includes adding your birth date, email address (with an email verification step), and creating a password.You will receive 250 Perks just for creating your account, and you will automatically begin earning Perks on all qualifying activities.You will also need to select a Posh Consultant as part of this process.

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It's simple: just create an account online, earn perks in a variety of ways, and redeem them WHEN you want for WHAT you want! Perks is our Rewards Program that lets you earn Perks that can be applied toward products, special exclusive items, pampering samples, and much more.

At Perfectly Posh, we want you to be pampered every chance you get.

For the Perks Rewards Program, the email address is your unique identifier.

There cannot be multiple accounts using the same email address.

Once you login, click on the summary box at the top right of the web page. Perks can never be moved from one account to another.

We recommend choosing just one email address to create your dashboard, and then always making your purchases under that account.