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24-Oct-2016 01:07

Once the largest 3D Virtual World, was closed for financial reasons, but a strong fan base brought it back.

They’re a great place for singles to meet, make friends and flirt!

A 3D Virtual World contains the following traits: 1. (ruling out the dozens of MMORPG games as well as single activity games).3D Virtual Worlds should also feature: Customizable avatars, customizable 3D residences, user created clothing, user created scriptable objects, Text/Speech/Gesture communication, Internet integration, multiplayer game launching capabilities.

Notes: Largest 3DVW in both membership and activity.

Over 20 million accounts, over 700,000 unique visitors monthly, and over 1800 sq. Website: Operated By: Makena (California) Built By: There Inc.

It renders in 3D (ruling out the literally hundreds of 2D flash virtual worlds like Club Penguin and Gaia Online). It allows for multiple types of activities, primarily non-competitive social ones.

Operated By: Activeworlds Inc Built By: Activeworlds Inc Status: Developed 1994 Open since 1997 Customization: Land building is a primary activity. User Created Content: Yes Notes: Oldest still in existence. Website: Operated By: Cooee Gmb H (Germany) Built By: Cooee Gmb H Status: Open since January 2009 Customization: Avatar customization User Created Content: None Notes: Another 3D Chat Client designed primarily for teens Website: By: Virtual Encounters Inc. Status: Open since 2012 Customization: Limited avatar customization User Created Content: none Notes: Primary focus is on adult content and online sex. As far as I can tell it is not associated with VWW/Utherverse, but uses the same gaming engine and business model.Website: By: The Godrej Group (India) Built By: Sine Wave Company Based on the Unity Engine Status: Open Beta since 2010 Customization: Avatar customization User Created Content: No Notes: Primarily marketed to an Indian audience Website: Operated By: IMVU inc. Created By: Christopher Klause (founder of ISS) Status: Open Beta since 2007 Customization: Limited avatar customization. Website: Operated By: and others Built By: Open source development with major contributions by IBM, based on technology by Linden Labs Status: Project started in 2007 Customization: Completely customizable avatars, Host land at home or on a web server User Created Content: Textures, Animations, and Scripts instantly uploadable Notes: Open Simulator is a 3D Virtual World platform anyone can use to create a Second Life like virtual world.