3g mobile phone video sex chat

31-Jul-2015 20:01

It’s best to use a thin silicon sleeve to keep moisture away from the i Phone’s actual surface.

Easily washable, stimulate any body part to your heart’s content with hygienic confidence. Try the Viibra Exciter i Phone-compatible sex toy for men to deliver mind-bending vibrating sensations past normal unit usage.

Visit the ITunes App Store and search for “Sex.” There are dozens of paid and free adult Apps ranging from drinking games to sexy chat suggestions.

Read on, let the hair down, pour a favorite cocktail, open your mind and get ready to apply a sexy helping of hot techno-sexual creativity.

Here are 5 ways to use your i Phone as a toy for mind-blowing sex: #1 Good Vibrations Tired of embarrassing bag-checks at airport security?

#2 Sexy i Phone Apps Make foreplay even more titillating with i Romance-Romance Dice.

The App leads couples through touching, massaging, kissing, rubbing, cuddling or caressing.

Settings control whether you’ll be using lotion, wax or oil.

Sexy Spin is a game “so hot and sexy that it was banned from the App Store for 3 months.” It’s a sexy twist on Spin the Bottle with hot results like kissing, touching, stroking, rubbing, licking and other steamy activities.

For the ladies, the i Pod sex toy is unbeatable for pulsating stimulation along with your favorite i Tunes.

Anyway you play it, the i Phone is a kick ass vibrator.

It’s a totally sexy game keeping the routine up long enough to reach a shuddering climax.

Any inadvertent pauses only work out to be hotter teasing and encourage use of fingers in between redials.

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