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28-Aug-2016 15:05

Failing that, you can get to the rest of the phone - i.e., those gems like your photos or the calculator - by hitting the dedicated menu key to open up a grid style interface you're probably more familiar with.The phone, which is roughly the size of the Black Berry Curve, is well built, offers a tight but well laid-out QWERTY keyboard and large screen.Between the two is a belt of shortcut keys positioned around a d-pad buckle. The sides offer a "switcher" key, which allows you to scroll through the application menu regardless of where you are (think alt-tab on a computer), volume control and a Micro-USB socket for charging. The back sports a very bright glossy lipstick-red cover (other colours include black, bright yellow and pink) and an autofocus 3.2-megapixel camera with no flash. Camera performance is what you would expect for a 3.2-megapixel camera with virtually zero functionality apart from taking pictures.

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The phone sports Facebook, Twitter, and email support from the get go, as well as Bluetooth, so you can share very quickly.

Power it up and the menu system is basic, but very easy to use.