Accommodating my schedule

14-Sep-2015 17:05

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I want to share what I've found with you:accommodate yourselfto change yourself or your behaviour to suit another person or new conditions Some find it hard to accommodate themselves to the new working conditions. Accommodate (yourself) to something means: to change your attitudes and behaviour in order to deal with a new situation.

Synonyms or related words for this sense of accommodate are: To change your opinion, attitudes or behaviour: change your mind, see reason/sense, adapt, revise, move on, renounce, come round, capitulate, move with the times, turn against etc... • "formidable" instead of "formidible" • Why is this wrong? orders • AND • use of 'on' in participal phrase • from the ground up • Laura's ex-husband is a dead beat dad...

But the word 'accommodate' has the additional sense of doing or changing something for the benefit of someone else.

In my opinion this would be the correct answer for this question, as it is closer to how we speak English, and generally 'accommodate' would be used in a positive statement such as 'Yes I can accommodate that idea', not in a negative one such as above.

I think accommodate has nothing with negative forms, 'accommodate ' suggests a concession or a compromise and subordinates one thing to the requirement of another as it mentioned in the sentence,so 'accommodate' is the correct answer.

I found this explanation on Cambridge online dictionary.

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“Recently I had the pleasure to work with Rob and Teresa Predmore when I moved to Lincoln.

They were both very accommodating to my schedule and even after the sale were very attentive to any concerns I had.