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12-Sep-2016 18:34

I also figured that Brad would be more apt to remember our anniversary since it will always be 6 months from Christmas.

Christy from …from glitter to gumdrops created my Pinterest inspiration.

Wedding invitations can be incredibly expensive: custom designs, letterpress printing, calligraphed envelopes...

But you don't need to get stuck with flimsy paper or blurry printing in order to save a few bucks.

Our 6 month wedding anniversary will be on Christmas Day. It was also the only Saturday available in June at our venue so I kind of had to be OK with it.

Even though I’m not a fan of odd numbers I was OK with the 25th because, to me, it’s the most popular odd number. When I saw the idea (on Pinterest, of course) of taking a wedding invitation, cutting it up, and sticking it in an ornament I knew I had to do it.

By Natalie Vereen-Davis Most couples, on average, set their wedding date at least a year in advance.

This long-term planning in done for many reasons: to give the couple time to save up money for the wedding and honeymoon; order the bridal gown, bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmen's suits; and to secure the best locations for the ceremony and reception.

Other bloggers have done the same, like Jenny at Simcoe Street.

The wide variety of current wedding invitations provide a bride-to-be with endless ways to showcase her personality and wedding style .

Long gone are the structured wedding stationery rules (where all invitations were either white or ecru with black engraved script), a change that has instilled the wedding industry, with new life.

One thing that hasn't (and, arguably, shouldn't) changed? Wedding invite etiquette provides simple rules to allow any bride to effectively communicate the details of her wedding while doing so in a polite, respectful manner.

This long stretch of time also allows the bride and groom plenty of time to choose and send out the necessary components of their wedding invitation suite.

By Nina Callaway Weddings are expensive, and If you're a budget-savvy couple, you're probably looking to save money wherever you can.