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CHAPTER 127 - ADOPTION OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS GENERAL PROVISIONS NRS 127.003 Definitions. NRS 127.007 State Register for Adoptions: Establishment; contents; release of information.

NRS 127.008 State Register of Children with Special Needs.

NRS 127.045 Release for or consent to adoption and investigation required before appointment of guardian for child to be adopted; exception.

NRS 127.050 Agencies which may accept relinquishments and consent to adoption; reimbursement for certain costs.

NRS 127.020 Adoption of minor children; ages and consent.

NRS 127.030 Who may petition; consent of spouse required under certain circumstances.

NRS 127.040 Written consent to adoption or for relinquishment to authorized agency: Acknowledgment; when consent required.

NRS 127.043 Consent to adoption required before placement in adoptive home; exception.

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NRS 127.051 Agency responsible for care of child and entitled to custody; termination of placement.NRS 127.052 Agency to determine whether child is Indian child; notification of childs tribe. NRS 127.055 Consent to adoption: Attesting witnesses may make self-proving affidavits to be attached to consent.