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“I look at girls in their early 20s, and I think, They carry themselves more confidently.” where she had plumped onto a sofa to pour us Arabic coffee, Noof Hassan was testing out the word “headhunted.” She had never learned this in her English classes at school, and when she heard me say it, she made me repeat it because she liked it so much. Now, in the lighting assembly plant that had just poached her away, Noof was in charge of ten times that many. Addressing each other with more than formal courtesies. There are women here who won’t even consider a job that requires it.There are women who might consider such a job but are overruled by their parents, or their husbands, or worried relatives saying, no, not you; other Muslim countries may permit such a thing, but in Saudi Arabia this is not what decent women do.

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This all-encompassing tour combines the best of coastal South Africa with the stirring sights of the savannah and the rich wildlife of the mighty Zambezi River.There are women at the opposite end of the spectrum too, quite at ease with male colleagues—in the past decade, government scholarship programs have sent tens of thousands of Saudi women to study abroad, and they’re coming home, many impatient to push the pace of change.