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31-Mar-2016 15:50

We've pulled out over 600 Yahoo users who attempted to entice and prey upon a 10-15 year old kid.We have 17 convictions in 15 different states in the last year.Update: About a month after this was posted, Yahoo shut down the teen chat-rooms and have signaled that they will be bringing back the User-created rooms.Recently Yahoo, due to pressure from advertisers, shut down their "user-created rooms." For the uninitiated, a "User-created room" is one a regular member creates, not Yahoo.Selected quotes by irresponsible "Child safety advocates" who are not on the front lines of the fight against Yahoo!

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How many minors will be entering a room titled "girl scout rape"? Thousands upon thousands of mentally-unbalanced deviants will now be flooding into regular Yahoo rooms.In our experience in speaking with those who were endangered by Yahoo chat, they were preyed upon in regular yahoo rooms. These rooms are not affected by the user-created closure. How many creepy males and predators used those user-created rooms? The area they closed down on Yahoo was lightly, if at all, trafficked by actual teens but were crawling with thousands of people who would, if they had access, try to prey on teens. This creates a dangerous situation for the regular Yahoo rooms which have tens upon tens of thousands of actual teens in them.