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12-Jun-2016 08:00

As is often the case in this electronic equivalent to digging through storage boxes, I was immediately harassed with a little pop-up box on the bottom right-hand corner of my Yahoo! These are always spam chat messages, and the older the e-mail account, the more pop ups I receive when I log in.

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That's what I had to do a couple weeks ago, in order to obtain my password to a Paypal account that I hadn't accessed since high school.

But the accounts eventually become inundated with junk mail and I must move on to a new electronic identity, much like the Witness Protection Program.

They are all created with an aim at a spam-free, fresh start, in which I only give my e-mail address to my close family and friends.

But what is really behind these contact requests and why do people bother?

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But the thing is, I can never completely dispose of my past e-mail accounts.

Not because I am sentimental or an electronic hoarder, but because I know that I will undoubtedly encounter a scenario in which I must recover a password to another website.