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A., executed the ephrin-B2, GSK3β S9A, β-catenin, Mash1 and Neuro D1 mechanistic studies. wrote the manuscript, with substantial input from A. conducted mouse breeding and designed and conducted fate mapping experiments with substantial input and assistance from A. conducted clonal analysis experiments, designed and conducted all of the experiments related to in vivo β-catenin activity studies, and analyzed tissue sample from both fate mapping and β-catenin activity studies. Ephrin-B2 astrocytes therefore promote neuronal differentiation of adult NSCs through juxtacrine signaling, findings that advance our understanding of adult neurogenesis and may have future regenerative medicine implications.

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Astrocytes have been implicated, but their role in juxtacrine (that is, cell-cell contact dependent) signaling in NSC niches has not been investigated. We found that ephrin-B2 presented from rodent hippocampal astrocytes regulated neurogenesis in vivo.