Advice for dating a single dad

12-Aug-2016 22:08

Dating a single father comes with oodles of known and unknown obstacles, and women without children usually have the hardest time overcoming them.

The baggage a single dad carries on board won’t fit in the overhead compartment.

But the real godsend was being able to hide my mistakes behind their innocence and youth, which allowed me to learn from and figure some things about me before my kids were old enough to pay close attention.

Several years ago I started living by the conviction that I can only be as good a man as I am a father and vice-a-verse.

And this is a fundamental fact that I think far too many women fail to grasp or recognize.

Because any woman who will accept a man she knows isn’t fulfilling his fatherly responsibilities not only compounds the problem – she becomes the problem.

I would immediately notice this tension if I was dating someone without kids and I had to change or cancel plans or I couldn’t do something on account of my mine.

With a divorce rate, depending upon whom you ask, at or above 50% there is an over abundance of them.

And with such large numbers in the dating pool, the odds of a woman meeting and dating one of these single fathers is better than anything in you’ll get in Vegas.