Aedating v4 0 0002 php null rar updating world of warcraft account

27-Jun-2016 15:20

The good thing about doing this is that you never have to worry about 'trimming' your input which makes your code easier and more reliable (incase you forget to trim some input).

This is correct, per the documentation ( quite a bit down the page is the Warning: "Writing to an out of range offset pads the string with spaces.

For who don't want to test what happen if passed an array element here is my test and result. ` and `empty()`, find an undocumented behavior like cast-to-boolean, `empty()` cares about if Simple XML object is made from emty tags.`empty(simplexml_load_string('foo)) echo 'foo is empty'; else echo 'foo is not empty';and we get the misleading result "foo is empty".

There is NO ERROR OR WARNING, so this is a real gotcha. To add on to what anon said, what's happening in john_jian's example seems unusual because we don't see the implicit typecasting going on behind the scenes.

Please note that results of empty() when called on non-existing / non-public variables of a class are a bit confusing if using magic method __get (as previously mentioned by nahpeps at gmx dot de).

Consider this example:not Empty) is a bit unexpeced as the value is obviously set and non-empty.

OUTPUT: ======== 0 is_multi Array Empty= 1 1 is_multi Array Empty= 1 2 is_multi Array Empty= 1 3 is_multi Array Empty= 1 4 is_multi Array Empty= 1 5 is_multi Array Empty= 1 6 is_multi Array Empty= 1 7 is_multi Array Empty= 1 8 is_multi Array Empty= 1 9 is_multi Array Empty= 10 is_multi Array Empty= 11 is_multi Array Empty= 12 is_multi Array Empty= I can't use empty() in all situations because '0' is usually not considered empty to me.

This is due to the fact that the empty() function uses __isset() magic functin in these cases.

(Some earlier posts wrongly suggest PHP just returns the negation of __isset). I confirm those results, and if you extend the test with isset($x-c) it appears that __isset is only called for the last property in the chain. Trim also takes care of other white space like line breaks and tabs.

Actually, in most of the applications I code, I use a multi-dimensional array map function with trim on the Super Globals such as $_POST, $_GET and $_COOKIE as so far, there hasn't been an instance where I would want any user input to begin or end with whitespace.

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