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Just be happy about making something you’re proud of. Any time we’d be somewhere and be out, I wouldn’t let anyone go near her. I have to ask: There’s a pretty big age difference between you and Aimee Teegarden, your girlfriend on the show. Did you have to have talks wtih her parents or anything about the kissing scenes? The biggest moment when that happened was at the end of season three. If I read that someone got something, I give them a call or they’ll randomly reach out and say congrats.Taylor [Kitsch] and I actually both talked about this. We definitely all got along and we all care about each other.One of the last scenes we filmed was at Memorial Stadium in Ausitn and we finished the game and had taken our uniform off for the last time. We spent 4-5 years together working on something we were all real proud of and enjoyed doing, and we’ll all be in touch for a long time. TV’s hard because something can look really good or bad on paper, and turn into something great or awful — not get on the air, or be on the air for 10 years.We knew we were both coming back last year, but we knew we were never going to be in a Panthers uniform again. The diehard fans will be happy to hear that you and Jesse — err, Matt and Landry — are great friends in real life given how close you were on the show. I just hope we can do something together again, even if it’s where we just write something. The last show I went to work on seemed like a cool idea and concept, but people didn’t turn it on and it didn’t quite become what it could have been.

He just had a really good balance where he seemed to keep things into perspective and took everything on the chin. None of us stressed out about numbers or if we were coming back or not. That was our last game, which was kind of crazy and weird. Who’s your best friend that you’ll take away from the cast? One of our AD’s I became super close with — I went to his wedding. Kyle Chandler plays a pretty big mentor to everyone on the show. One of our first episodes, he said “Enjoy this — you’re never going to have another job like this.” I was like “What are you talking about? What’s the one thing you learned from him — professionally, personally … Everything is going to be like this.” And, surely enough, Kyle was right. I always respected the balance he found between work and life and family.

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As the show comes to an end — what kind of feelings do you have? While filming or afterwards, was there a specific moment where it all sunk in? My last season I did half the season, then kind of came back at the end of it, and now I’m back a little bit this season.