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15-Sep-2016 17:15

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I’m sure you don’t remember meeting me, but I caught your performance w/ Jupiter Rising and after the show I met you and your band manager.I remember being so excited because I had never met a band that wasn’t local before.Back then, I told you that I was interested in booking you guys for a show at the venue I worked for so I was in shock when I received my first business card from your manager.Who was the first person that you met in your music career that has left you speechless? That was a really fun show…really freezing too;) I’m so happy you remember that show because I had a great time at that show!We played coffee houses and small festivals with Aretha Franklin covers and blues songs.After that, I knew I wanted to keep on playing live.Well, the first person I met that left me speechless was Jonny Lang when I was, like, 15…I’m not sure if you know who he is but at the time he blew up as this teen, blues prodigy!It was only just a year ago that I had started doing interviews for Yow Yow! Earlier that year, her band Jupiter Rising, had released their second album The Quiet Hype, which was packed with both pop-rock and hip-hop influenced tracks.

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Jessie was the first person I wanted to interview because I was a huge fan of Jupiter Rising and had also met her for the first time a few years back. It never really crossed my mind that I would want to spend my life as a musician.Anyways, a year went by and I decided to reach out to Jessie again. My parents were very artistic and they had all sorts of artist friends that would come over and play music.