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“We are pleased to bring our unique brand of hi-tech and hi-touch to our families in the eastern end of the valley,” said Karolee Sowle, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desert Regional Medical Center.CCC-La Quinta will offer vital medical oncology services and breast cancer screenings including digital mammography services, physician consultation and chemotherapy.

Members also receive plenary indulgence and remembrances in masses and novenas throughout the country.var _prvar=_prvar

Favor de usar esta forma para solicitar una parcela para cultivar hortaliza en Gateway Organic Community Garden en Huntington Station. No hay costo ninguno para usar una parcela, aunque con gusto se recibe donaciones.

Para solicitar una parcela en el Soergel Jardín, póngase en contacto con la ciudad de Huntington Departamento de Gestión de Residuos o enviar un correo electrónico a [email protected] use this form to apply for a garden bed at either Gateway Organic Community Garden in Huntington Station. There is no fee for use of a bed, but donations are gratefully accepted.