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This course can be undertaken by users of both film or digital technologies. This course can be undertaken successfully without sophisticated camera equipment; however, you do need the use of a camera. Over the time you do the course, you need to submit photos (either digital images or processed film - in that case a minimum of 5 rolls of film would need to be shot and developed. Professional writing is any writing that you are being paid for.

All photos you take, and written work you submit will be returned to you. University lecturer, businesswoman, photographer, consultant and sustainability expert; with over 40 years industry experience B. It can include fiction writing, a best-selling book, articles in a magazine, articles in a newspaper, blogs for companies, technical manuals or procedure manuals, copy for catalogues, newsletters, text books and other academic material and so on.

This is a good grounding for using the camera but before buying a camera you need a few specifics about features on cameras. cumbersome nature of 2¼ square and large format cameras 3. 35mm gives you the widest choice of available film and camera, the simplest processing, and the lowest cost per shot for quality photography. These cameras sometimes have interchangeable lenses. Focusing is normally achieved by zone symbols in the viewfinder or by using a split image where the centre of the finder displays two images which converge as the focus ring is turned until they synchronise perfectly; when this happens, focus is achieved.

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By now you should have some idea of the basic parts of a camera, the aperture and shutter speed, and how they work and adjust exposure, and why various formats are best suited to particular areas of work. In a RANGEFINDER camera the viewing window in the top of the camera is used for focussing and framing, and is calculated to give the same view as the camera lens is seeing. Aus: 07 5562 1088Int: +61 7 5562 1088 Talk to an Expert Our tutors are highly qualified, with years of industry experience. View Sample Course Notes What do our courses look like? SLR' cameras can take a range of lenses from wide-angle to telephoto.

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