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09-Aug-2015 05:40

When I said on my dating profile that I use a wheelchair, I discovered the world of devotees—men and women who are turned on by disability, paralysis, and Jimmy "Lobster Boy" Darling from "American Horror Story." Online dating can really suck. For all your lip-biting and teeth-grinding as you try to create a snappy account, despite that bottle of red wine that you chugged before finally writing those two paragraphs, all you may earn is a grainy picture of some guy's hairy junk.

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For some, the attraction was based on physical attributes: They enjoyed the look of atrophied or amputated limbs.

Megan*, who has some hidden disabilities herself and is in a relationship with a woman with MS, said she had always enjoyed the look and feel of unconventional looking objects.

I figured that the disclosure would work as a first line of defence: It would weed out any creeps and save me from the visual onslaught of strangers' private parts. I asked my disabled friends what I'd stumbled upon, and they, veterans of the dating world, had an answer: The guy who'd messaged me was probably a devotee.

For the most part, I was right: I didn't get any dick pics. Devotees are people who are turned on by disability.

Instead, a couple of months later, this message landed in my inbox: Now, let's get this straight: I love my wheelchair, I do. Certain aspects of disability, such as amputation, paralysis, and muscle weakness, and atrophy appear sexually desirable to people who enjoy the fetish.

According to my friends, devotees are pretty common.