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These two aspects of Anasazi pottery are now nearly taken for granted in Southwestern archaeological research, and attention is once more being directed toward pottery itself.However, instead of its beauty, archaeologists are now studying pottery technology: its origins, changes within the craft, and the organization of pottery production within Anasazi society. 600, Anasazi potters focused their attention on the gray ware technology, and brown wares were no longer manu­factured.Anasazi pottery is distinguished from that of other Southwestern culture areas by its predominant colors (gray, white, and red), a coil-and-scrape man­ufacturing technique, and a relatively independent stylistic trajectory. 200 in the Anasazi region, and most of this pottery appears to have been made of floodplain or soil clays. 500, the dura­bility of the brown ware improved, and it was joined by a gray ware pottery. The transition to Anasazi gray wares appears to have resulted from the adap­tation of brown ware production tech­niques to new raw materials.

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Pottery is ubiquitous on Anasazi archaeological sites (Figs.1 and 2), and it is both one of the aesthetic joys and most powerful tools of the archaeologist.