Ancient roman dating calendars

24-Sep-2016 19:06

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This script creates a calendar converter that can convert five different units at one time; that is actually converting between the Gregorian Calendar, Julian Calendar and Julian Date, and translating those into the Roman and Latin versions of the Julian Calendar.

Some records incorrectly state that the first day of the Julian year occurs on March 26th.

Gregorian Calendar The Gregorian calendar has leap years every four years, like the Julian calendar.

The Years Roman Calendar The Romans counted their years from a variety of important dates.

The most important of these dates was the founding of Rome which is labeled a.u.c. Thus: Julian Calendar The Roman years had a various numbers of days and it was only when Julius Caesar introduced the Julian year in 46 BC that years had 365 days with a leap year every four years.

The conversion between Julian Year and Gregorian Year may contain an error of +/- 1 day compared to some calendars.

This is due to the complex method of calculating dates and often occurs in years which are leap years in the Julian calendar but not in the Gregorian calendar (or vice versa).

The information provided below the converter is from our page sponsor and is very helpful to the details and understanding of calendar differences.

The Roman calendar was introduced circa 750 BC and so dates before 753 BC are not allowed.