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It’s also a great communications tool, which anyone who has an Android phone or tablet can use.You may find the Hangouts app lurking as an icon on the tablet’s Home screen. On the remote chance that you may not find it in either location, pick up a free copy from the Google Play Store. If you have any previous conversations, they’re listed on the main part of the screen.To return to any ongoing hangout, choose the Hangouts notification, shown in the margin. The person you’re talking with appears in the big window; you’re in the smaller window.When planning a Hawaii vacation, it’s tempting to stick to the beaten path of Waikiki Beach, Waipio Valley, and Waimea Bay.

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On the right side of the screen you see a specific conversation, although it just peeks in when the tablet is held vertically.The Hangouts app listens for incoming conversation requests, or you can start your own. Text chatting is one of the oldest forms of communication on the Internet.