Angelina brad dating jolie pitt

07-Apr-2016 09:42

And a new crazy report claims Jolie is secretly in love with a married billionaire. Rumors are swirling after Brangelina's shocking divorce announcement.But in reality, the stars are working together on a custody settlement. But the exes are trying to ignore the wild speculation and focus on a settlement.But those close to Pitt insist the current arrangement is just a "parenting plan" that has nothing to do with legal custody.Pitt also agreed to submit to random alcohol and drug tests.WHY DOESN'T ANGELINA WANT BRAD ARRESTED FOR CHILD ABUSE? Initial reports said that Jolie got what she wanted in this agreement.

Pitt will have visitations with the kids, but the first one will be supervised by a therapist.

The therapist will then decide if Pitt can have unsupervised visits in the future.

Another said Pitt has planned a secret meeting with his ex, Jennifer Aniston.

But Gossip Cop confirmed that neither of the rumors is true.

Shortly after Pitt and Jolie revealed their split, reports claimed that Pitt had an affair with his But since then, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive.One tabloid claimed this week that Jolie cheated on Pitt with a married billionaire philanthropist.