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Stuff You Should Know: Internet Roundup: Lefty Grenades & The Exclamation Point!The Army went and designed a lefty-friendly grenade, plus Josh and Chuck mull over the history and use of the exclamation point.However, in recent years, evidence has emerged proving, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this abuse didn't just occur -- the authorities knew, and conspired to cover it up for years. Artists can struggle to turn their art into a living.Learn more about artists and options for them to make a living out of their art in this video from How Stuff Works.Monster Science: Godzilla, CHUDs and Radioactive Fungi From the lowly CHUD to the mighty Godzilla, fictional monsters raise some startling ideas about the effects of radiation on terrestrial organisms. Anton Jessup discusses the reality of radiotrophic fungi and the limits of radioactive mutation.Stuff They Don't Want You to Know: Trump Conspiracies: 2016 Presidential Election Donald Trump, like his rival Hillary Clinton, has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Tune in for a look at the allegations surrounding his campaign for president.Anton Jessup considers the creature's facehugger stage, the questions it raises about reproduction and a possible real-world counterpart in the aquatic ragworm.

Monster Science: Monstrous Sex Ed: The Alien Facehugger In this special "Sex Ed" episode of Monster Science, Dr.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode on the Clinton campaign.