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Marks, Alfred (Real name: Ruchel Kutchinsky) (1921-1996) – Born close to the UGLE in Holborn, London, Alfred Marks was an actor and comedian who enjoyed a long career in the British and Australian entertainment industry. Marshall, James Wilson (1810-1885) – Jim Marshall discovered gold at Johan Sutter’s saw mill, in American River in California in 1848.At one time he worked with Peter Sellers (see below) and Sir Harry Secombe CBE, yet somehow missed becoming a part of the crazy, and massively successful, British comedy series, ‘” as Winston Churchill called him. He ultimately, but accidentally, sparked the California Gold Rush which, by 1849, had caused 300,000 persons to invade the area.In 1945, at the end of the war, General Mac Arthur took the Japanese surrender aboard the battleship USS and, having done so, became the temporary ‘ruler’ of Japan.Later, due to incompatible political views, Mac Arthur unfortunately had to be removed from office by another Freemason, President Harry S. General Mac Arthur was a member of Manila Lodge No.1 in his beloved Philippines.Of subsequent improvements, the most significant was the introduction of tar (originally coal tar) to bind the road surface’s stones together – “tarmac” (for Tar Mc Adam) – followed later by the use of hot-laid tarred aggregate or tar-sprayed chippings to create better road metalling.More recently, oil-based asphalt laid on reinforced concrete has become a major road surface, but its use of granite or limestone chippings still recalls Mc Adam’s innovation.Macquarie, Lauchlan (1762-1824) - The last autocratic governor of New South Wales (NSW), in the course of Major General Macquarie’s 12 years in office (1810-1821), he advanced NSW from a prison camp to a thriving colony.

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Modern road construction still reflects Mc Adam’s influence.

The inscription on his tomb in Scotland describes him as “The Father of Australia”. Each rider was required to take an oath to clean living and honesty and its’ inspiration will be immediately familiar to Masons, “” Macy, Rowland Hussey (1822-1877) – Rowland Macy was an American-born Quaker, who started a small dry goods store in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Majors, Alexander (1814-1900) - Majors was one of the three founders of the short- lived, but famed, Pony Express in the U. Under his guidance it grew into the famous Macy’s Department Stores of New York. as Secretary of State from 1947-1949, organizing the European Recovery Plan, most often referred to as “The Marshall Plan”, for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.

It should be noted that neither Marshall nor Sutter finally profited from this seeming money-spinning discovery.

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Mac Arthur, General Douglas (1880-1964) – Freemason Douglas Mac Arthur was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War II.He promised his beloved Filipino people, “I shall return” [to rescue them from the occupying Japanese military who had attacked them] and, on 20 October 1944, he kept that promise.