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She sneers that the siblings are so weird they must be lesbians and they counter that there is nothing wrong with being gay, even though Maisie has a crush on Matty (Quenton Nyrienda) and Samuel (David Knight) follows Daisy like a devoted puppy.

However, their Canadian mother, Jacqueline (Sarah Warren), is appalled by the accusation and interrupts an art lesson to humiliate Jennifer in front of her classmates.

Their deliberations are interrupted by mean girl Jennifer (Holly Jacobson) and her posse, Audrey (Sophiya Sian) and Beth (Yasmin Allen).

At times, they are embarrassed by his over-zealous efforts (such as dressing as a pirate and playing the accordion for their friends), but they prefer him to Frank (Richard Stephenson Winter), the string vest-wearing father of their pal, Patricia (Demi Lou Allen), who is part of their quartet, along with Etta (Kylie Lee).

But, as the camera follows a brother and sister heading into school, Baker attracts the attention of Maisie and Daisy Mc Cormack (Scarlet and Hero Hall), who accuse him of being a pervert for filming children.

When he explains that he is making a movie, the sisters decide to hijack the project and sit on a bench in the playground wondering what form the picture should take.

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Imagine the kind of concerns that once taxed fellow Leicesterite Adrian Mole being viewed through the prism of Spaced and Family Guy and you get a rough idea of the gleeful self-reflexivity of this largely homemade affair.Admittedly, the acting is patchy, while some of the gags falls flat and the mid-section is beset with longueurs.

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