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This results in a people-pleasing manner that Libra is notorious for which reflects our society's female values: that everyone should be happy and everything should be pleasant and that the boat should not be rocked.

However, Libra is also ruled by Venus, which is one of the feminine planets.

Venus stands for beauty, appearance, pleasure, and sensuality; all rather feminine attributes.

Libra and Scorpio are the two most androgynous signs in astrology.

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These qualities are personality traits, instead of physical or biological attributes.

After all, many of the ways in which most men and women behave are simply just reflections of the ways we're deeply conditioned to view men and women, to the point where it seems like the actual truth (but, that's just another conversation).

Taurus is also ruled by Venus, but is an introvert sign, meaning that it's pleasure and sense of harmony is directed inward and toward itself.

Libra, being extrovert, directs that pleasure outward.

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Air is one of the two masculine elements in astrology (along with Fire).Air is symbolic of logic, objective thought, and solid reasoning.

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