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In relation to domestic violence, these threats can be to either cause serious physical injury to the victim or cause damage to their property.

Typically, this is considered a class 1 misdemeanor; however, there are instances in which the charge can be elevated to a class 5 felony.

Typically, there is no evidence at all and it is simple one person's word against another.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side therefore is extremely important.

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The main problem that arises with criminal charges of this nature is simple: there is often very little proof.

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Law enforcement and prosecutors alike will take a "no nonsense" attitude towards prosecuting those who have been charged.

Under the 2010 Arizona Criminal Code, 13-1202, it is considered threatening and intimidating when a person uses either words or their behavior to threaten or intimidate the alleged victim.

They will never look for an easy answer nor will they cut corners.

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