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08-Mar-2016 10:13

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Fox News host Gretchen Carlson may be the highest-profile woman to accuse Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, but she is not the first.

Carlson’s lawyers responded in a statement: “Roger Ailes is trying to force this case into a secret arbitration proceeding …Gretchen never agreed to arbitrate anything with Mr. ” So we had a nice dinner at a restaurant in Union Station. He had a driver and a car, and after dinner he said, “Can I take you to your friend’s? ” I was trying to kill time because I didn’t know if he was going to attack me.Late on Friday, his lawyers filed a motion in federal court in New Jersey seeking to move Carlson’s lawsuit to arbitration, which would prevent witnesses from being called in court.“Plaintiff’s ploy of filing in Superior Court to justify her shameless publicity campaign against Roger Ailes should not be countenanced,” Ailes’s lawyers argued.

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“These are women who have never told these stories until now,” Smith told me.

“Some are in a lot of pain.” Taken together, these stories portray Ailes as a boss who spoke openly of expecting women to perform sexual favors in exchange for job opportunities.