Asp updating cdx index

10-Mar-2016 06:11

The NEXT clause is implemented as an independent counter.I've seen lots of Fox Pro programs that use GO TOP before a SCAN loop and SELECT just before the ENDSCAN and before every LOOP statement. If you start in work area 4 as in the test code below, VFP doesn't care what table is open.

Files whose names include braces (for example, filename.{doc}) are also blocked by default.If you add a file type of a file that exists in the site collection, a message informs you that the item already exists and you are prevented from entering the file type.The following table shows the file types that are blocked by default and their corresponding file name extensions.Use this procedure when you want to prohibit files of a specific type from being saved or retrieved from any web application on a server.

This is important for generic code that closes and reopens a table. Hence, the following code skips through records 1-3 of Customers, and records 2-4 of Products.

It's not sufficient to open it with the same alias. On the first pass, SCAN moves the cursor to the top of the file. The total number of iterations is six, even though this would impossible with the FOR condition in just one table.