Aspxgridview edit rowupdating

18-Mar-2015 23:28

what's more, after i click the update or cancel button, the Row Editing event fires.

The method below is called from the Raise Call Back Event method, it is setting the Selected Index right, but the problem is that, the Row is not set in the Edit Mode. protected virtual void On Row Double Click(Row Double Click Event Args e) { // Set a selection in the Grid int row Index = e. Edit Index = row Index; // Change the row state this. But, when I click Update linkbutton, it just posts back, I have to click it again to update the data. Because the code is too big, I will be sending it to you by email! Regards The only call to databind that I have in the page load is located in the if(! i have used datagrids with much ease and success, but gridview is just ridiculous. Data Source = Get Data(Get Search SQL, 1) gv Search.

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Introduction In this post we will continue adding functionality on our previous example.If you missed my previous post you can get it here: ASPx Grid View Excel style – Adding notes to grid cells.

Find Control("textbox3"); Text Box textdateofbirth = (Text Box)row. Is Post Back) { bind(); } } public void bind() { my Connection. Find Control("textbox5"); Text Box textcityname = (Text Box)row. Open(); Ole Db Command cmd = new Ole Db Command("update Employee Details set firstname=" + textfirstname. … continue reading »

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