Atheist and agnostic dating

01-Feb-2015 09:18

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Additional question from Claudia (new): How do the majority feel about money/careers?

Answer by Smart LX: We’ve had a lot of people through here looking for atheist responses to questions from the Christian Worldview course ever since I answered the one about our interest in humanity.

And black people are some of the most religious people out.

But no matter what you claim to believe in, religion does seem to matter big time in the dating world. If you met someone at work and simply became friends, you probably wouldn’t trip if they told you they didn’t believe in God.

Cassie was nice enough to summarise all the questions in the course which ask for an atheist perspective.

I’ll give you my take on each of the above concepts, and Andrea will chime in when she can, but first I want to warn any students of this course who read this: your teachers may not want or expect you to ask a real atheist.

But if you met that same person and were attracted to their physical attributes as well as their personality, then them telling you that when you die, that’s it, may have a huge effect on the length of your correspondence with one another.

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People that were once Christians are becoming Muslims, Catholics can become Buddhists, and many people simply describe themselves as spiritual beings these days.The course textbook by James Sire is very specific about the interests, priorities and other views of one devout Christian’s idea of archetypical “naturalists”, “secular humanists” and “atheist existentialists”.

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