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12-Oct-2015 17:29

They tend to have a rather animated and lively way of talking, with very pronounced variations in vocal pitch and much more exchange of emotion in speech.

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So what are the differences between male and female speech?Women are likely to look for common ground when they are talking with other women and tend to produce overlapping remarks in conversations.Those were initially misdiagnosed as interruptions, but it turns out that women tend to like to help each other tell stories — some people have called it coauthoring.Women, meanwhile, use quieter speech patterns to bond with each other — and help protect themselves against aggressive men.

And, according to Locke, this is a pattern that has been going on for thousands and thousands of years.One study of gossip showed that gossipers were concerned about women who are bad housekeepers, and women who are bad mothers, and women who are promiscuous.