Avg hangs updating virus defenitions

15-Oct-2015 01:55

Their service is so poor, that they don't want to hear all the complaints. I am a DOD Cyber Defense Analyst and bought AVG to kind of test it out not only for myself at home but for work. Then after reinstalling the software 3 to 4 times because it kept telling me I did not have the paid version but I download for the site it says I am good.The interface is good but clunky and the one overall thing I liked was the privacy monitor which worked as advertised.With no warning whatsoever AVG removed the program reporting to me after the fact that it had done so.I simply cannot allow an anti-virus program to come into my system and delete programs installed and used by me without giving me an option first to keep those programs.

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You can't get in contact with customer service or tech support because all of the numbers have been disconnected.The only one that works is some paid tech support in India. you pay for a product and when it does not work you have to pay someone to fix it.This is sad because AVG used to be a great product but now has gone the way of so many companies after a initial success.A long time ago wrote a rave review about AVG Antivirus, but times change, and almost always for the worse; AVG has gone the same way as Avira Antivirus, and not a shadow of it's formerly once extremely impressive self: both of them ate now total wastes of space on your computer, doing absolutely nothing of any use.

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This program is an albatross that needs somewhere to land.

The only way you can get other programs to work is to disable the fire wall, and you can't use another fire wall, because AVG disables them so they can't be used.