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10-Jan-2016 19:33

I truly believed that our shared chromosomal makeup would guarantee me a magical and effortless connection to my child.But with a boy, I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what to do or expect.But by the next day a quiet yet growing sense of disappointment had crept over me.At first, I attributed the feelings to the usual letdown that can follow an exciting event (this was the first time I had actually “seen” my baby since he was a tiny smudge on my fifth-week ultrasound).But soon, the mild sadness intensified into an overwhelming feeling of depression and loss.Then, a few days later while shopping at IKEA, it hit me.Unlike my sister-in-law, who had endured nearly two years of agonizing infertility treatments, I had become pregnant quickly.It was at that moment that I realized everything I had been looking forward to in having a child was intricately tied to having a daughter.

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The first words out of my mother’s mouth when I told her I was having a boy were, “Better luck next time.” My husband and I called her with the news from our cell phone after getting our 20-week ultrasound.I was so relieved the baby was healthy that my mother’s comment did little to damper my happiness.

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