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05-Nov-2014 20:31

Bush's stubborn refusal to provide details of those deals.But an investigation by has uncovered the possibility that one Harken transaction - the cancellation of an estimated 0,375 in debt in 1993 - may have been structured to help Mr. Further analysis by The Anonymous CPA suggests that Mr.But the "good news" alibi has been contradicted by recent revelations that Mr.

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Bush denied any knowledge of Harken's financial troubles: "I absolutely had no idea and would not have sold it had I known." In 1999, Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes said Bush "was selling into good news, not bad" - the expected announcement of a drilling contract in Bahrain (see below).

In July, spokesman Dan Bartlett said Bush saw good news in an expected investment by the Bass family.

With this “ready-to-hand” obsolescence and malfunctioning of these traditional roles and of marriage, a divide has emerged from within the once great gynocentrisms that enveloped prior cultures.… continue reading »

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When officers investigated, the man claimed the woman had invited him to have sex with her. "He said that when he got to the apartment she took her clothes off by herself before asking him to take off his clothes." The man admitted to the officer that he had noticed the woman "was not normal" when he met her.… continue reading »

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If you are already using multiple user names please stop now and even I wont know who is who but the next time you log on with a different name I will get a...… continue reading »

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