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18-Apr-2015 22:19

An employment agreement is a contract between an employer and a worker.It covers things like hours of work, rates of pay and holidays. It is legally binding, which means if one side doesn’t do what they’ve agreed to, the other side can enforce the agreement through the Employment Relations Authority.Back to top What is supposed to be covered in an employment agreement?Some things have to be included in an employment agreement by law but most agreements will have extra parts to them to suit your particular situation.

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Back to top Do I have to have an employment agreement for my job and what should I do if I don’t have a written employment agreement?

Every employee should have a written signed agreement with their employer, because an employment agreement can protect you if anything goes wrong and is useful in reminding you of your rights and obligations in relation to your employment.

All employment agreements must include certain mandatory clauses and must provide the minimum employment rights for employees.

Even if these are not specifically mentioned in your employment agreement they are still legally binding.

If a labour inspector finds an employer who doesn't have copies of their employees' signed agreements, they will give the employer 7 days' notice to rectify the issue.If it hasn't been rectified after this period the employer can be fined: So if you don’t have an employment agreement, ask your employer for one.