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10-Dec-2015 07:15

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Mr Brown hopes that Ms Mc Clain will be permitted to testify at a new hearing, thus providing his client with an alibi.

Jay Wilds, a classmate of Syed and Ms Lee and the main witness in the case, told police that he helped Syed to bury the body and led the authorities to her missing car.

But Syed has always maintained his innocence, and now hopes to have the case re-opened.

“Despite this unambiguous warning, the state presented at trial evidence of incoming calls to determine location and used this to convict Syed.” Mr Brown told the Baltimore Sun newspaper: “It is an extremely important piece of evidence, and we are bringing it to the court’s attention as quickly as possible.”Asia Mc Clain, another classmate, was interviewed for Serial but did not appear at Syed’s original trial; she claims that she saw him in the school’s library at the time the murder is alleged to have taken place.Syed won the right to appeal in February and did so in May, though the Baltimore Circuit Court has yet to respond to that motion., says newly-discovered evidence could undermine a key evidence in the prosecution’s case.Syed, 35, is serving a life sentence for the murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999, when he was 17.

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This week, Justin Brown, Syed’s defence lawyer, filed a court motion regarding an important document that he says casts doubt on mobile phone data that was central to his client’s conviction.At Syed’s 2000 trial, prosecutors linked Mr Wilds’s testimony to mobile phone records that appeared to place Syed in Leakin Park on the night that Ms Lee’s body was buried there.