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22-Oct-2016 14:58

The urgent fondling of my cock and balls through my thin cotton boxers made me roll onto my back, my disheveled sheets strewn away from me, so Lacey had complete access to my crotch.

She was in the same outfit I put on her last night when she left for her date -- pink front-button blouse, super-tight to show off her b-cups and cut short to reveal her flat tanned tummy, with white Capri pants so tight they looked painted onto her thin thighs.

But I remained still on the bed, allowing her to savor and suck my penis and cockhead as she wanted.

Lacey had one knee on the bed next to me, her other foot on the floor, as she leaned over with both hands on my boxers.

One hand was pulling open the hole of the boxers, while her other hand was reaching inside to fish out her daddy's penis.

I was aroused awake by the soft, effeminate voice of me late-teen daughter Lacey calling "Daddy, I'm home, wake up, sleepy-head," while her soft little hands were groping to massage my dick through my boxers.

I was in one of those deep slumbers that it took a few moments just to realize who the fuck I was, but peeling open an eyelid I saw my clock reporting the time a little past 10 am, and Lacey's grinning sexy face was leaning over me.

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I groaned, my hands racing to stuff a pillow behind my neck and back so I could watch her work on my cock.

I kept my thighs parted for her, my balls straining against my now-useless briefs, with my naked dick pointing up at the ceiling in her hand and against her tongue.

The 19 year old swirled her lips and tongue in circles around the soft bulbous head, tasting her daddy's precum, then a few moments later her lips closed on it sucking my cockhead, and only it, into her mouth, where she bathed it in warm, sticky saliva."Oh fuck honey," groaned her now totally awake daddy.

I gripped the bedsheets under me, wanting to just savagely fuck her hot mouth like I know she loves.

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Lacey's long blonde hair, which was full of curls last night, was now droopy and dirty, even matted in places -- definitely unclean, frizzy, mangled.But even with messy hair she looked so deliciously sexy me, although I suppose you'd expect her own father to say that.

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