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But what if this was all a smokescreen intended to distract from him being gay -- this would hardly be the first time in quasi-autobiographical literature.

For example, Remembrance of Things Past makes more sense if you know that Proust, unlike his fictional stand-in, was gay.

My wife was even more convinced than I was that the Obama-is-gay theory was a dead-end.

While writing my reader's guide to Barack Obama's memoir, I had a moment of doubt.

I thought I understood the basic thrust of the guy's life -- the need to define himself as black to acquire political power, because being seen as African-American would be hugely advantageous to the career of a quite white guy like Barry Soetoro.

But Remnick does say about his first Chicago stay (1985-1988): This is interesting for a couple of reasons.

I spent several hours thinking through everything I knew about Obama, talking it over with my wife.

I came up with virtually no evidence, other than a lack of pre-Michelle girlfriends (he didn't meet Michelle until he was almost 28), except for one white serious girlfriend, whom he shoves away because she is white.

David Remnick's bestseller The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama doesn't mention the white New York girlfriend -- that's too interesting for Remnick to pursue.

Remnick's audience is primarily white women who have a bit of a thing for the President, so a discussion of Obama's disquiet about interracial relationships would be a downer for Remnick's readers.

As you'll recall, one of the most stylized, fable-like sections of the President's Dreams from My Father is the when Obama describes to his half sister Auma the serious girlfriend he had in New York (where he lived from 1981-1985), whom he dumped because she was white, and not only white but old money WASP.As several commenters have noted, the whole episode sounds like it was lifted from a white ethnic writer like Mario Puzo or Philip Roth.