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The result is a flourishing of stereotypes and ignorance about male sexuality.

Here is a crash course on key aspects of male sexuality that everyone should know about.

Because most men learn to stimulate themselves to orgasm with ease, they tend to think they've learned it all by the time their 19.

It's true that the way sex is assigned at birth is all about the penis.

For example, just like some (but not all) women, men can learn to experience male multiple orgasms.

While most men experience problems with ejaculation at some point in their lives, many don’t know that the timing of ejaculation can be controlled, most of the time, with relatively simple exercises.

But there's a difference between sex and gender, and one doesn't become less of a man without a penis, or without a penis that does the things we're told it's supposed to do.

In reality, most men only experience a small percentage of their orgasmic potential.

Love to dance and she will definitely dance for you, she will even strip for you!

She wears sexy glasses and that makes her look so hot and attractive.

Criss Dwayne is a perfect looking brunette with a nice sexy and tanned body.

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It's a common belief that male sexuality is simple.It doesn't help that, at least in public, finding men willing to talk and write honestly about sexuality is a challenge.