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The last thing you want to do is be all chatty with a group of lively Neighbours fans." He said "It was very sobering to me to know that as an actor you can have that sort of impact on people's lives. They're a reminder to me that for every difficult thing that Neighbours brings you as a cast member, it brings 10 times more rewards." Ben was born Christopher Wilkinson on 18 September 1975 in Malvern, Victoria to a fifteen-year-old Ruth Wilkinson (Ailsa Piper) and was put up for adoption, on the advice of her conservative parents who didn't want their daughter to have a child out of wedlock.

Ben grew up in Adelaide with his adoptive parents, and his adoptive brother and sister, Nick ( (Jason Crewes) and Caitlin (Emily Milburn).

From an early age, Ben had a strong interest in cars and so, on leaving high school, became an apprentice mechanic.

But when Ben discovered he was adopted, he decided to try to find his mother.

He made his first appearance on-screen on 9 April 1997 and departed on .Ben made a two-episode guest return the following month.Upon graduating from Deakin University with a BA degree in Drama, Cousins took on a 50-word guest role on Neighbours as an Attendant in a scene where established character Billy Kennedy went bungee jumping.He encounters Ruth, when she literally runs into him after practicing rollerblading.

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With his parents blessing, Ben left Adelaide for Erinsborough, where Ruth was now living.Ben arrives in Ramsay Street after responding to an advertisement for the spare room at Number 30.