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28-May-2015 12:03

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Mate-seekers were significantly more likely to select partners displaying an expansive (vs. Mediation analyses demonstrate one plausible mechanism through which expansiveness is appealing: Expansiveness makes the dating candidate appear more dominant.

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The application, which will be made available to graduate schools, is expected to improve and speed the dissertation publishing process for graduate students, faculty, and graduate schools.Through its UMI® Dissertation Publishing program, Pro Quest publishes more than 50,000 dissertations and master's theses each year and offers full text copies of more than one million dissertations dating from the 19th century forward.These findings indicate that in modern-day dating contexts, in which initial attraction often is determined by a rapid decision following a brief interaction or seeing a photograph, displays of expansive posture increase one’s chances of initial romantic success.= 144 speed-dates), we coded nonverbal behaviors associated with liking, love, and dominance.

This set of studies tested whether humans are more attracted to individuals displaying their bodies expansively, a behavior considered to express both dominance and openness.

Results from two field studies—a speed-dating event and a controlled experiment using a Global Positioning System-based dating application—suggested that () perceived dominance and perceived openness are mechanisms through which expansiveness exerts its effect.