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09-Mar-2015 17:12

Now listen, I grew up in east LA, my dad’s church is in the hood, and there’s graffiti everywhere. But when I read that they went inside the church, that they threw around the pews, and they graffiti’d their names on the wall: Johnny was here. It still makes it clear that sex is meant for marriage.So in your dating relationship, set clear boundaries. Maybe it’s just the rebel in me, but when people talk about boundaries in relationships, my natural inclination is to cringe. I’m my own boss.” But when we understand that boundaries are put in place to protect us, that it’s God’s way to protect our heart, soul, and body, it’s a game-changer. God gives us guidelines in our relationships, not so He can be this cosmic killjoy, but so He can protect us.

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If we have intimate relations with somebody, we bind ourselves to them (1 Corinthians ).

I’m not talking about just physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. Scripture is very clear that there are things we shouldn’t engage with.