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You will also note that this is not an Acard scanner but made by Genius.

Ensure that you have the correct scanner for this driver.

Read More » This the the driver files for the Acer MTP devices. Read More » Genius Color Page Vivid 4XE Driver is very similar to other USB scanner drivers such as the Vivid 4x and the HR 6x scanner driver.

Note the driver has been listed below with its hardware ID listed.

The driver was released in March 2016 as version 5.60.350.6 fro Windows 7. Read More » This is the monitor driver for the Acer H23HL which uses Windows 8 both 32bit as well as 64bit.Note that the scanner uses the same hardware as the ACARD which is the actual manufacturer of the Genius Mirascan. Read More » If you are looking for a Bluetooth driver then see the list below.If the Bluetooth device is not there then check the other Bluetooth drivers on this website to see if your device has been listed there.Search this website if you are looking for another USB driver for your Acer or Android device.


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The monitor is very popular in Asia and this is the first version of the driver for the monitor.This driver gets rid of the bugs and you only need to extract the file and install the driver. You will need to extract the 3 files to a directory where you will be able to locate them and then ‘right-click’ on the setup file and then click on ‘install’.

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