Black and latino dating iran dating site 2016

06-Jun-2016 02:41

Lover of Verga Dear Cock-Loving Gabacha: Of course your guy is pinche loco — but so are all men of color.And, if they don't understand you, they just smile and say, "No, si, no." What is that crap anyway!

Whenever my boyfriend sees a Mexican girl with someone of a different race, he gets disgusted and mad (especially when he sees them with black guys.) I've pointed out to him that he seems a bit hypocritical, since he's with a white girl as well — but he says that he makes an exception for me.

Do all Mexicans feel this way, or is my boyfriend pinche loco?

They often speak Spanish annoyingly loud in public.

Sometimes, the KIDS speak better English than their PARENTS!

And those Mexicans are muy honest with you — or do you not hear them mutter "Chinga tu madre, pinche gabacho feo apestoso" under their breath?

Dear Mexican: My boyfriend is Mexican, and I am a gabacha.

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