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04-Aug-2015 19:10

Think about the strangest way you ever met a friend or an old flame: Jury duty? But sometimes, your social life needs a little bit of a jump-start.

As we flow around Toronto, from home to work to school, there's no predicting how the fates will carelessly mush us, their helpless playthings, together over the course of a day. (Ah, shy glances on the TTC.) Of course, by and large, we meet the people in our lives through pretty pedestrian channels: Classes, work, mutual friends.

Go to a networking event If it's business contacts you're looking for, there are networking events happening in Toronto (check out Eventbrite for proof), with all kinds of industries represented - mostly in the business and tech fields, though Six Degrees of Social Innovation at CSI Toronto is a popular draw for those in the social change sector.

For lower-impact networking events, check out Here's My Card: Mixers For Awesome People, which features liberal amounts of colouring and decorating things with stickers, or Beerworking, which features beer. Work up a sweat Some fitness classes are better for meeting folks than others - if you're busy huffing and puffing while someone barks orders at you, it might not leave a lot of room for chitchat.

Let's say you've just moved to town, or, you're feeling stifled by your existing social group, and you lack a school/job/pre-established friends that can do all that heavy lifting for you.Basically, there's a hole in your weekend schedule (and, possibly, in your soul) that needs filling, and it's not going to happen while you're sitting around, waiting for someone to invite you to lunch.