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25-Jun-2016 16:56

The Modern World is Very Materialistic I am sure that this is a problem that manifested itself at some point in the past, however, it was almost certainly not to the extent that it occurs in the modern world. People are always chasing the finer things in life. They will push people aside to get to exactly what they want from life.

If you are in a relationship, your ‘lover’ is never more than a text message or social media message away. Now, this is not necessarily a problem, however, most people count this type of thing as ‘hanging out’. Technology may have brought people closer together but, at the same time, it is pushing us apart.

We aren’t spending the time together that we did in the past.

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This can quite easily turn a fairly loving relationship into something that you Whilst this could, to some extent, be tied into ‘not being able to spend time with one another’, I feel as though it goes slightly beyond that.You see, increasingly busy lifestyles mean that people are suffering from a lack of energy.